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Treating Survivors of Sexual Assault

This workshop will focus on the everyday experiences and symptoms shared by survivors of sexual assault. We will explore ways clinicians and mental health workers can work with survivors to find their sense of power, avoid revictimization, and work through symptoms of traumatic stress. Stacey and Molly will use evidence-based research, along with their experience working with trauma survivors, to better equip participants to work within the growing community of survivors and help change the story from victimization to advocacy and strength.

Participants will learn:
1. Common myths and misconceptions about sexual assault survivors.
2. How the Me Too movement impacted perceptions and disclosures of sexual
3. Explore populations who are more vulnerable to sexual assault.
4. The common experiences shared by survivors.
5. The ethical implications of working with survivors.
6. An overview of effective treatment approaches.
7. How to advocate on micro, mezzo and macro levels on behalf of survivors.