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2021 Learn From the Legends

CLE Credits: 9 General; 9 Civil Trial Certification
Date Occurred: 11/19/2021 | Expiration Date: 5/31/2023

Program Chair and Moderator:
Steve Watrel, Steve Watrel, P.A., Jacksonville

This year’s Learn From the Legends Seminar will focus on techniques to sharpen trial skills, tactics, and secrets from three extraordinary living legends in the field of law as they each share their successful strategies. This year we’ll hear from:


  • Fred A. Cunningham
    Domnick Cunningham & Whalen, PLLC
    West Palm Beach
  • Diana Santa Maria
    Law Offices of Diana Santa Maria, P.A.
    Fort Lauderdale
  • Troy Rafferty
    Levin Papantonio Rafferty
Topics include:
  • Preparing for Trial: staff responsibilities, using focus groups, etc.
  • Voir Dire: jury selection scripts, order of questions, challenges for cause, peremptory challenges
  • Opening Statement: case framing, structure, do you state damages amount
  • Direct Examination: preparing witnesses for direct, structure of direct exams, being persuasive
  • Cross-Examination: preparing for cross-exam, structure of cross exam
  • Closing Statement: case framing, structure, arguing damages (medical, non-economic), strategies
  • Rebuttal: structure, getting the last words, strategies
Available Audio Format and Pricing
A copy of the recording will be available in your online classroom approximately 1-2 weeks after the webinar.

  • $199 - Online Streaming
  • $249 - Video USB
  • $249 - MP3 Audio CD

Live seminar "No Longer Available for Purchase". Use the "Purchase" buttons below to select an audio format.