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2022 Civil Remedies

CLE Credits: 3.5 General; 3.5 Civil Trial Certification
Date Occurred: 12/9/2022 | Expiration Date: 6/30/2024

Program Chair: Gregory M. Yaffa, Domnick Cunningham & Whalen, PLLC | Palm Beach Gardens

Nothing is more heartbreaking than learning, after successfully obtaining an excess verdict, that it cannot be collected because of a minor error committed months or years earlier in the drafting or service of the Civil Remedies Notice.

This deceptively short and simple looking document has been the source of more heartache, disappointment and legal malpractice claims than any comparable requirement in the field of insurance bad faith. This webinar should help you avoid all that, and achieve the full and complete recovery reflected in your successful verdicts.

Learn what mistakes to avoid when drafting a civil remedies notice to achieve the full and complete recovery reflected in your successful verdict. Don’t let your dream case become a nightmare. Learn how to draft a proper civil remedies notice from the experts as they each speak about:

  • Why Do I Need to File a Civil Remedy Notice: Violations by the UM Insurer
  • When Do I File a Civil Remedy Notice?
  • What Should I Say or Not Say in the Civil Remedy Notice?
  • Civil Remedy Notices for Property Insurers

Audio Recording Format and Pricing
The recording and materials are made available in your online classroom.
  • $199 - Online Streaming