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2023 Boot Camp Series

CLE Credits: 12 General; 12 Civil Trial Certification; 1 Business Litigation Certification
Dates Occurred: 3/10/2023-11/14/2023

The FJA Boot Camp Webinar Series will give you the specialized training in this 12-part series needed to succeed in your career as a personal injury attorney. These are the perfect webinars for new attorneys, but also a great refresher for any personal injury attorney. Topics covered in previous Boot Camps include: intake and sign-up, documents and evidence gathering, demands package and insurance adjusters, filing suit, discovery, depositions, mediation and settlement, preparing for trial, studying case details. Be sure to register and calendar the dates below as we develop this year’s webinar programming.

Program Chair: Laurie Briggs | Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, P.A., West Palm Beach

Webinar topics covered during this year's Boot Camp series are:

Part One – Basic Training

  1. Intake and Sign-Up (March 10)
  2. Documents & Evidence Gathering (March 17)
  3. Demands Package & Insurance Adjusters (March 24)
  4. Time to File Suit (March 31)
  5. Discovery (April 4)
  6. Depositions (April 14)
  7. Mediation & Settlement (April 18)
  8. Preparing for Trial (April 28)

Part Two – Advanced Training

Taking you beyond the basics, FJA Boot Camp Webinar Series, Part Two provides the next installment of need-to-know topics designed to help you step up to the next level in your career as a personal injury attorney. Advanced topics covered in previous years were: protecting the record/preservation of error, business of running a law firm, preparation and presentation for mediation, preparation/taking/trial – direct and cross of expert witnesses.

  1. Protecting the Record (October 10)
  2. Running a Law Firm (October 24)
  3. Direct and Cross of an Expert (November 7)
  4. Motions in a Nutshell (November 14)

Available Format and Pricing
  • $149 - Online Streaming (Entire 12-Part Series)