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2023 Combating Dirty Tricks at Trial Webinar

CLE Credits: 2.5 General, 2.5 Civil Trial Certification
Date Occurred: 5/19/2023 | Expires: 11/30/2024

The recording and related materials will be accessible in your online classroom upon purchase.

Program Chair: Steve Watrel | Coker Law, Jacksonville

Trials are supposed to be a search for the truth. However, time and time again the search is often thwarted by a variety of dirty tricks employed by the defense industry including choosing to not timely exchange key trial exhibits, introducing new expert opinions and numerous other dirty tricks.

This webinar will cover common dirty tricks currently used by the defense industry at trial and how to combat them. Knowing what to expect is essential if you are trying cases in today’s legal climate. Don’t let the defense industry ruin your cases through the use of dirty tricks. Attend this webinar and learn how to fight back!


  • Panel Discussion of the Following Issues: A Variety of Topics and Dirty Tricks/Issues We’ve Seen from Pretrial Motions/Filing, Exhibits, Witnesses, Social Media/Surveillance, Open/Closing
    Panel Speakers:
    -- Fraz Ahmed | Coker Law | Jacksonville
    -- Chelsea Harris | Coker Law | Jacksonville
    -- Trevor Hawes | Coker Law | Jacksonville
    -- Dana Jacobs | Coker Law | Jacksonville
  • Panel Discussion Q & A
  • Dirty Tricks from a Nursing Home Perspective
    -- Steve Watrel | Coker Law | Jacksonville
Available Format and Pricing
  • $199 - Online Streaming
  • The recording and related materials will be able accessible from the online classroom upon purchase.