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2023 Learn From the Legends

CLE Credits: 8 General; 8 Civil Trial Certification
Date Occurred: 11/17/2023 | Expiration Date: 5/31/2025

This year’s Learn From the Legends Seminar will focus on techniques to sharpen trial skills, tactics, and secrets from three extraordinary living legends in the field of law as they each share their successful strategies. This year we’ll hear from:


  • Sean C. Domnick
    Domnick Cunningham & Yaffa, Palm Beach Gardens
  • Stuart N. Ratzan
    Ratzan Weissman & Boldt, Coconut Grove
  • David C. Prather
    Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather Florida Injury Lawyers, Palm Beach Gardens
These living legends will share their successful strategies on the topics of:

  • The Jury Dance:
    • Crafting the perfect cast: jury selection scripts, order of questions, challenges for cause, peremptory challenges.
  • Pioneering the Legal Stage:
    • Creating compelling opening acts: case framing, structure, opening statements.
  • Spotlight on Witness:
    • The masterpiece of direct examination: preparing witnesses for direct, structure of direct exams, being persuasive.
  • The Duel of Wits:
    • The world of cross examination: preparing for cross exam, structure of cross exam.
  • Mastering the Closing:
    • Framing, strategy, and artful persuasion: case framing, structure, arguing damages (medical, non-economic), strategies.
  • The Art of Rebuttal:
    • Crafting a resounding encore: structure, getting the last words, strategies.

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  • $229 - Online Streaming
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  • $269 - MP3 Audio CD