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Protect Against Nonpayment with Ex-Im Bank

With many foreign currencies devalued against a strong U.S. dollar, the creditworthiness of foreign buyers and protection against nonpayment are more important than ever. Fortunately, the Export-Import Bank’s short-term credit insurance policy known as Express Insurance can help.

The policy helps small businesses expand into new foreign markets, add new buyers, and transfer all foreign buyer credit decision making to Ex-Im Bank at an economical cost. It is a “named buyer” policy that simplifies small business access to export credit risk insurance on their foreign accounts receivable.

In addition to providing payment risk protection and allowing the extension of competitive credit terms to foreign buyers, the insurance also enables small businesses to obtain lender financing of those receivables through the assignment of policy proceeds.

Webinar topics to be covered:

  • Why offering open account is so important in today’s global environment
  • Ex-Im Bank’s products to help companies compete overseas
  • The key benefits of export credit insurance
  • How the Express Insurance policy works:
    • Why it’s a good fit for many small and new-to-export companies
    • How do I qualify? How long does it take? How much does it cost?
    • Eligible Transactions and Coverage Provided
    • Overdue Invoices and Filing Claims
    • Pre-approved buyers
  • Q & A Session with Presenter