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Recorded Webinar: Product Adaptation for Global Markets

Food Export - Midwest and Food Export - Northeast invite you to take advantage of our webinar presentation: “Product Adaptation for Global Markets.”

In this webinar participants will put themselves in the position of an international buyer being asked to purchase a product they aren’t familiar with, from a company they don’t know, in packaging that isn’t what they are used to seeing printed in a language they don’t understand. They will then evaluate their own potential products for export and consider:

  • What colors, images and terms are appropriate for the target market?
  • Does my brand name and functional product name mean something in the language of the country I want to sell into?
  • What language or languages will need to be on my package?
  • How are the labeling requirements different from my US labeling? Will I need a new UPC, unit of measure, regulatory approval, or different ingredient declarations?
  • Will I need to change my packaging to protect the product in shipment, to comply with “eco” regulations, to meet my needed price point, to conform to or stand out from domestic products, or to convey the quality and brand image that’s right for my product in this market
  • Do I need to re-arrange the product claims on my product to fit the cultural difference in the export market? Do they value different things than my current customers do?
Participants will see photos of packaging adaptations for various markets and hear first-hand stories of successes and failures with exporting food and consumer products.