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Online Resources for Export Market Research

Do you know where to find the best sources of no-cost export marketing research for food and agricultural products?
This webinar includes some of the key online resources to help you develop a solid export marketing plan and strategy. Attendees will learn where and how to access the following:

  • Product Classification for export, including Harmonized System (HS) code and Schedule B number.
  • Steps on how to use those codes to determine duties and taxes as well as Free Trade Agreement (FTA) access in foreign markets.
  • USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) website, including Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) reports by commodity and sector such as Retail, Foodservice, Food Processing and Ingredients as well as Exporter Guides.
  • How to run your own export statistics from "GATS" the Global Agricultural Trade System, by region, trade group, aggregated category or product specific.
  • Other relevant websites, whether or not food and agricultural related.
  • There will also be a Q & A Session with Dennis Lynch, our featured presenter.