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Live Webinar "How to Obtain an Export Price Quotation"

Food importers from around the world have consistently mentioned that while they are impressed with the U.S. supplier's products and company they are hesitant to make purchase commitments for the same reason. Lack of proper follow up and poor communication. This begins (and unfortunately sometimes ends) with a request for quotation. These need to be done with both accuracy in detail and timeliness in order to establish the business relationship. Join Food Export as we survey the best practices on how to obtain the best export price quotation. Topics will include:

  • Product Specifics & HS/Schedule B Coding
  • Method of Transport - Origin and Destination
  • International Terms of Sale & Payment
  • Marine Cargo Insurance
  • Pieces Weights & Measures: Density & Dimensional-zation
  • Compliance Issues
  • A Real Example
  • Summary & Q & A