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“How to Complete the NAFTA Certificate of Origin”

Documenting origin in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Trade Promotion Agreements (TPAs) has changed over the years. One thing is certain though all of the agreements which followed NAFTA use its origin rules and documentation in a very similar template. Learn how to locate the new Customs & Border Protection (CBP) form 434 known as the NAFTA Certificate of Origin, which is valid until 2020, and how to fill it out properly. We will give examples of what to do, and how using the 434 as a template will work with other FTAs and TPAs when there is no official document requirement.

Topics to be covered include:

  • General use vs. Free Trade Certificates of Origin
  • NAFTA Certificate as template in FTA certificates
  • The New NAFTA Certificate of Origin - CBP 434
  • Field by field details on completion
  • Examples of what and what not to do
  • How food products rules of origin are different
  • Resources for FTA/TPA origin and documentation