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Expanding Export Markets for Northeast Seafood

Food Export USA-Northeast retained Market Solutions LLC, a leading food, seafood and agriculture consulting firm, to conduct international research to help develop a strategy to expand exports of target Northeast seafood products beyond Europe and China, which have been the focus of its seafood market development efforts to date. Content include:

  • Introduction 
    • Target Markets for the Assignment 
    • A Note About Trade Statistics 
  • Populations and Incomes of Target Markets 
  • Seafood Consumption in Target Markets 
  • Global Seafood Consumption Prospects to 2025 
  • Lobster and Scallops Accounted for 96% of Total U.S. Export Value of Target Species 
  • U.S. Fish and Seafood Exports, by Region 
  • Importance of Specific Targeted Regional and Country Markets 
  • Potential Market Opportunities for U.S. Seafood Exports
  • Target Market SWOT Analysis and U.S. Exports of Target Species 
    • South Korea 
    • Taiwan 
    • Southeast Asia 
    • Middle East 
    • South America 
  • Seafood Markets in Target Countries/Regions 
    • Total Seafood Import Value for Selected Target Markets 
    • Total Lobster Imports by Target Markets 
    • Total Scallops Imports by Target Markets 
  • Markets Barriers to Exports, Trade Agreements and Preferences 
    • Tariff and NTBs, Trade Agreements 
  • Conclusions and Recommendations