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Growing the Mexico Market for Food Ingredients

Mexico has a strong food processing industry with annual growth expected for the next five years. Imports represent 66.5% of the market creating a great opportunity for U.S. suppliers. Join Raul Caballero, Food Export’s Mexico In-Market Representative, as he discusses the following topics during this presentation:
  • Facts about Mexico
  • The Appeal of the Mexico Market
  • Current Consumption Patterns
  • Impact of U.S. Agriculture Exports to Mexico
  • The Food Ingredient Market in Mexico
  • Top Ingredients Imported in Mexico
  • Total Food Ingredients Consumption
  • Relevant Segments in the Mexico Food Market
  • Food Manufacturing Trends
  • Similarities between Industry and Consumer Trends
    • Decrease, Reduce, Lessen…
    • Increase, Boost, Gain…
  • Import Market Share by Country
  • Total Imports of Food Ingredients
    • By Product Sub-Category According to the HS System
    • By Product Category
  • Top Opportunities for Food Ingredients into Mexico
  • Entering the Mexico Market

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