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Financial Consideration Post PT School

This 1-hour lecture will go over the financial considerations following PT School including the differences between public and private student loans, loan consolidation versus refinancing, and loan repayment options including public student loan forgiveness. We will also discuss basic personal finance including budgeting, retirement planning including the differences between a Traditional and Roth 401k/IRA, and the importance of understanding the power of compound interest.
1.Understand the differences between public and private student loans
oReviewing the "anatomy" of student loans and what those terms mean (Loan statuses, Principal, fixed vs. Variable interest rates)
1.Understand the differences between consolidation versus refinancing
2.Discern the differences between the various student loan repayment options
3.Identify important factors for Public Student Loan Forgiveness and the inherent risks involved
4.Create a basic budget
5.Understand the importance of retirement planning and the differences between Traditional and Roth 401k/IRA
oHighlight the power of compound interest and the ability to accumulate 1 Million Dollars by retirement
1.Appreciate that personal finance is PERSONAL. A strategy that makes sense for someone else may not necessarily make sense for you