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"Addressing Sexual Misconduct: The Washington Way"

Washington Medical Commission

Jimi Bush, MPA, Director of Quality and Engagement,

The Washington Medical Commission (WMC) has implemented a system for processing and reviewing complaints of sexual misconduct that incorporates different perspectives and creates a culture of safety for the alleged victim. The WMC has adopted this pioneering method of reviewing complaints to minimize the negative impacts of the victim by focusing on:
  1. Sources of investigator bias
  2. The physical changes in our brain induced by trauma
The training focuses on interviewing techniques that create a non-threatening, or traumatic, culture of safety. Because allegations of sexual misconduct are vast in scope, the WMC requires training for:
  1. Investigators
  2. Staff Attorneys
  3. Commissioners
After an investigation, two commissioners review the case; they cannot be the same gender, one must be a public member and the other a clinician. This is to ensure that different perspectives are present when reviewing a case and subsequent action. We call this SMART (Sexual Misconduct Analysis Review Team).

Our poster,  "Addressing Sexual Misconduct: The Washington Way," demonstrates the results of this: training, review system and the lessons learned.

Additional Information

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