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"The RecoveryOhio Initiative"

State Medical Board of Ohio

Contact: Tessie Pollock, Chief Communications Officer,

The state of Ohio has continued to combat substance use disorder by implementing a program to reduce drug use and address underlying factors, such as mental illness and poverty. This truly statewide initiative employs resources from various state agencies, local organizations, and individual citizens.

RecoveryOhio primary priorities:
  1. Stigma and education
  2. Parity
  3. Workforce development
  4. Prevention
  5. Harm reduction
  6. Treatment and recovery supports
  7. Specialty populations
  8. Data measurement and system linkage
Since its creation in January 2019, Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, and his taskforce have laid the foundation for an effectual and sustaining strategy of diminishing drug abuse in Ohio. Already, RecoveryOhio has reached several milestones and will continue to implement the changes needed to protect and better serve its vulnerable populations.

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