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Georgia Pest Control Association

Learning Management System
Welcome to the new Learning Management System (LMS) of  Georgia Pest Control Association (GPCA). GPCA would like to introduce you to the future of learning. This new system will be utilized to continue to provide for you CEUs in HPC, WDO, Cat. 41, and other important categories. It will also be used to provide training for Office Staff, Human Resources, and Business Owners - as requested by survey results of our membership.

This new system introduces automatically generated CEU Forms. The forms in this system are issued when you complete the course. This includes time requirements in Zoom, quizzes, and any other requirements set by our system. Once completed, you will automatically receive a CEU form with a brand new look to better assist the state in data entry. It is the technician's responsibility to keep up with his certificates. This system will allow you to go back and print any missing certificates at any time, track certificates and hours accumulated, and print reports on those accomplishments. 

This system is a huge leap forward in the ability of GPCA to offer our members and non members quality continuing education with an ease of use and improved function. Enjoy your experience at the GPCA LMS!

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