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Certification Practice Exams

HL7 offers certification testing to help professionals achieve industry-recognized levels of proficiency and expertise. This is an opportunity to prove your expertise, advance your career and enhance your marketability.

Certification Exams Offered

  • Clinical Document Architecture (CDA®)
  • Version 3 RIM 2.36
  • Version 2.7 * 
Each certification exam is composed of 70 multiple choice questions. The time allotted to answer questions for each exam is two hours.

The Practice Exams found here are a shorter version and provide examples of the type of questions you will find on the exam. Also included with each practice exam is a short study guide with a general overview of what the test covers to help focus your studies and specific information about the test administration. In addition to taking a practice exam, you may also find it helpful to take a tutorial offered either live at Working Group Meetings and Education Summits, or online where they are listed on the Education Portal under Certification Exam Review Webinars.

Please note that simply taking courses will most likely not be sufficient to pass the test. We strongly recommend a combination of the aforementioned courses along with experience to fully prepare yourself for the test.

For additional information about Certification and how to register, please visit the HL7 website for details:

*HL7 offers only Version 2.8 certification exams. The practice test for version 2.8 is being prepared. However, there are many questions that are common across all versions. Each version of a standard builds upon earlier versions. Hence this practice test can still be useful.