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Version 2.8 Certificate Exam Preparation: 2020-02-11

Version 2 Control Specialist Certification Exam Review  

Program Time: Approximately 90 minutes each webinar

Faculty:Virginia Lorenzi,

  • 24 years active service to HL7
  • HL7 Volunteer of the Year award recipient
  • HL7 Fellow
  • Chair - HL7 Education Advisory Council
  • Over 30 years experience in Health IT with focus on interoperability standards and regulations
  • Manager, HIT Standards and Collaborations, New York Presbyterian Hospital
  • Program Director – Certification of Professional Achievement in Health IT at Columbia University
  • Also active in IHE, HIMSS, AMIA, NY Academy of Medicine, and AITP
This 2-part webinar takes a deep dive into the message definition and processing rules and data type definitions of the Control chapters of the HL7 Version 2 standards.

Note for students seeking certification:

Students are expected to prepare for the certification exam by previous study of Chapter 2 (Control) and Chapter 2A (Data Types) of the HL7 Version 2.X standard. Simply taking this or other courses will most likely not be sufficient to pass the test. We strongly recommend a combination of work group meeting participation, attendance at education sessions, field work dealing with HL7 interfaces and self-study.

Audience and Benefits
  • Anyone preparing for the HL7 V 2.8 Control Specialist Certification Exam
  • Interface analyst specialists and managers who need to understand the technical aspects of HL7 interfaces
Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this webinar, you will be better prepared to:
  • Summarize purpose of Chapter 2 and the V2 Control Certification test.
  • Describe the scope and nature of the exam.
  • Practice answering test questions
  • Identify key aspects of Control
  • Explain how V2 Messages are defined
  • Describe how messages are encoded by sender and decoded by receiver
  • Identify common data types
  • Describe the processing rules for message transmission and acknowledgement
  • List and explain special protocols in V2.
  • Introduce conformance
  • Identify negative consequences that occur when the standard is not followed.