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CDA Certificate Exam Review 6.2.2020

Jean Duteau
Duteau Design Inc.

HL7 Experience

  • International Member of the Technical Services Committee
  • Member, Education Advisory Council
  • Co-Chair Modeling & Methodology, Pharmacy, Cross-Group Projects
  • Member of CDA Management Group

Previous C-CDA Projects:
  • C-CDA 2.1 Implementation-A-Thons
  • C-CDA 2.1 Companion Guide

This course contains two 90-minute sessions to review the CDA standard in preparation for the CDA Specialist certificate exam.

Note that students are also expected to prepare for the exam by having a combination of work group meeting participation, attendance at education sessions, field work dealing with HL7 interfaces and self-study.

This Tutorial Will Benefit:
  • Anyone preparing for the HL7 CDA Specialist certificate exam
  • System analysts or clinical application developers wanting in-depth understanding of the CDA Release 2 standard