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Overall Process for Submitting HL7 Vocabulary Change Proposals

Overall Process for Submitting HL7 Vocabulary Change Proposals


This session (the first of three tutorials for submitting vocabulary change proposals) walks HL7 Terminology submitters through the overall process of submitting a vocabulary change proposal using the Unified Terminology Governance approach for vocabulary maintenance. Submitters will learn how to submit a change proposal ticket, as well as how to ensure that all change proposal requirements have been met.

The session will also cover how to monitor your change proposal once it is in Consensus Review, as well as the proposal outcomes. It is highly recommended that you watch the 'Terminology Governance and Publishing at HL7 session prior to this session.


  • Signing up to be a Submitter
  • Creating a Change Proposal Ticket
  • Change Proposal Requirements 
  • Monitoring a Change Proposal in Consensus Review
  • Change proposal workflow states and outcomes


Jessica Bota
Manager of Content and Product Services at Apelon, Inc.
Project Manager for the UTG Project