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FHIR Profiling 2020.10.21

Presenter: Lloyd McKenzie

One of FHIR’s 3 initial editors
Co-chair FMG, FHIR-I and MnM
HL7 Fellow
Heavily involved in HL7 and healthcare exchange for last 17 years (v2, v3, CDA, etc.)
FHIR provides a set of building blocks from which interoperability solutions can be created. Profiles combine those blocks into solutions, serving a similar purpose to implementation guides, templates, archetypes and detailed clinical models associated with other HL7 standards.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use profiles to shape the FHIR core specification for use in a specific national, regional or organizational context.

This Tutorial Will Benefit:
  • Data modelers, standards developers and HL7 Version 3 template authors who want to start using FHIR

Upon Completion of This Tutorial, Students Will Be Able To:
  • Explain what the FHIR conformance layer is and how it is used to profile FHIR for a specific context or use case
  • Describe the principal profiling components of the FHIR conformance layer
  • Describe the available FHIR conformance resources (structure definition, operation definition, search parameter, value set, concept map)
  • Identify how domain information requirements translate to conformance resources
  • Explain the role conformance resources are used to compose an implementation guide
  • Write a FHIR value set and structure definition for a single resource
  • Explain where and how to register and find existing conformance resources

  • Introduction to HL7 FHIR