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How to Navigate the New Jira Balloting Process 2020.12.01

HL7 is moving toward using Jira to support its formal balloting process. This webinar will explain the new process and provide some tips and tricks for balloters, as well as share guidance on using Jira to provide specification feedback on HL7 specifications in general.

Intended Audience:

  • HL7 members and others who have participated in the HL7 ballot process in the past or are considering participating in the process
  • Understand the prerequisites to participating in a ballot using Jira
  • Know the steps involved in submitting a ballot comment and voting on an HL7 ballot using Jira
  • Be able to describe the types of ballot feedback that can be provided and understand the ramifications of each type of feedback
  • Understand the process for managing ballot submissions once a ballot has closed and is going through reconciliation
Led by:

Lloyd McKenzie
HL7 Fellow; Co-Editor, HL7 FHIR; Co-Chair, FMG and FHIR-I; Principle developer of HL7’s Jira feedback & balloting solution; Senior Consultant, Information Technology Services, Gevity Consulting Inc.