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2021 January Co-chair Training Webinar

The purpose of this series is to equip new co-chairs with important knowledge and skills for the role of HL7 Work Group Leadership. This will also benefit experienced co-chairs looking for a refresher. Whether you are newly elected or an experienced co-chair who wants to hone your knowledge and skills, we think this webinar series will be helpful in equipping you to be effective in this important HL7 leadership role.

Topic: Leading Through Facilitation

Description: The role of the facilitator is to encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding, and foster participatory decision making. This webinar provides the skills required to be an effective HL7 Work Group facilitator.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this webinar, participants will

  • Understand the dynamics of group decision making
  • Appreciate the importance of facilitative learning skills
  • Know the principles for building sustainable agreements
  • Be able to summarize WG format decision making practices
  • Know how to chair meeting using Roberts rules of order.


  • AbdulMalik Shakir: Co-Chair, HL7’s Modeling & Methodology Work Group; Co-Chair, Public Health Work Groups

WEBINAR 2: Navigating HL7 Processes for Work Group Co-Chairs
Description: The co-chair role at HL7 requires a strong understanding of its organizational structure, processes, and management tools. This webinar will provide an overview of HL7 processes that are relevant to Work Group co-chairs. Learn about existing processes as well as new processes and planned changes.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand the HL7 organizational structure
  • Know where to find information about HL7 and its processes
  • Recall the processes that are relevant to the management of Work Groups, projects and ballots
  • Understand co-chair responsibilities for managing a Work Group (agendas, minutes, meeting room requests, relationships with other groups)
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of Work Group co-chairs in project and terminology management and know how to use the HL7 tools
  • Know the HL7 tools for managing Work Group activities (Confluence, Jira, Ballot Desktop, NIB Form, Meeting Room Requests, etc)


  • Melva Peters:Co-Chair of the Pharmacy Work Group; Co-Chair, Governance and Operations Work Group; Member, Technical Steering Committee..

WEBINAR 3: Reflecting on Your Co-chair Role
Description: Co-chairs need to work as a team with other co-chairs and with their workgroup members to accomplish their mission; however, leading in a consensus based standards organization has its challenges. Putting facilitation skills and process knowledge into practice can be difficult. The purpose of this webinar is to gather after the January Working Group Meeting and reflect on the experience of co-chairing, identify challenges and areas of improvement, and answer questions that rise from the experience.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe challenges in co-chairing
  • Identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Determine goals and next steps


Virginia Lorenzi: Secretary, HL7 Board of Directors; Co-Chair, HL7’s Patient Empowerment Work Group; Member, Technical Steering Committee.