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Mapping V2 to HL7 FHIR 2021.08.17

This course provides an overview of the relevant HL7® FHIR® features which can help with a successful integration into Version 2 (V2) environments. This is an interactive online class with practical exercises and applications.

Target Audience
Implementers, integration specialists and consultants working on solutions that need to support HL7 V2 and FHIR

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand advanced aspects of the FHIR specification relevant to the issue of integrating an event-driven, message-based standard with a query-driven, REST-based approach
  • Work with the architecture of a FHIR bundle that supports the communication of V2 messages to FHIR endpoints

Jean Duteau

  • Co-Chair, HL7 Modelling and Methodology Work Group
  • Co-Chair Pharmacy Work Group
  • Member, HL7 Technical Steering Committee
  • Member CDA Management Work Group
  • Consultant, Duteau Design Inc. (Canada)