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Advanced CDA 2021.10.27

CDA® implementation requires understanding of the CDA refinement of the RIM (the CDA RMIM), the Version 3 data types and how these combine with controlled vocabularies to form “clinical statements.”

This class reviews the principles of semantic interoperability with CDA and how these are reflected in the CDA model and implemented in the CDA schema. It reviews the CDA RMIM, schema and data types. In addition, the class gives a detailed walkthrough of samples of CDA documents, coded using clinical statements.

Intended Audience

    • Those needing to learn more about CDA, Release 2 – its derivation from the RIM and issues relevant to implementing CDA 2.0 solutions.
    • Implementers needing to work with CDA and want a review of the details.
  • Describe CDA’s components
  • Share insights into the XML markup required to implement solutions
  • Describe the issues surrounding semantic interoperability using CDA

Calvin Beebe
Co-author CDA Standard 1.0 2.0 2.1, Past Chair HL7 Board of Directors, Past co-chair HL7 Structured Documents Work Group, Retired from Mayo Clinic IT