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HAPI FHIR 2021.12.07

Instructor James Agnew (with his buddy Dharma)
Project Lead, HAPI
Chief Technology Officer, Smile CDR

This online class introduces the HAPI FHIR® framework for developing applications in Java. Covered topics will include the data model and parser/serializer framework, and how to build both HL7 FHIR clients and FHIR servers using HAPI FHIR.

This Tutorial Will Benefit:

  • Java developers looking to get started or improve their skills developing FHIR-based solutions
Upon Completion of this Tutorial, Students Will:
  • Know the various components of the HAPI FHIR library and explain their uses within an application
  • Use the HAPI FHIR library to create a working client application, and a working server application on their own laptop
  • Please ensure to have the following prerequisites installed on your workstation:
    • Java JDK version 11.x
    • Apache Maven (latest version available)
    • Java IDE of your choice (e.g. IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse)