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20220215 Applied FHIR for Designers

This course will help participants understand where and how FHIR might fit into their healthcare interoperability environment and give them the tools to make judgments about when or if FHIR might be an appropriate solution for their healthcare IT needs.
This online education track will look at existing FHIR solutions and explore a number of the aspects of FHIR that should be considered when designing FHIR solutions, including:

  • the choice between REST, documents, messaging and other interoperability approaches
  • how to choose the exchange approach best suited to a particular use-case
  • approaches to adapting existing solutions to leverage FHIR
  • features of FHIR that require architectural consideration, including extensions, narrative, modifiers, etc.
  • the use of profiles, terminology services, validation and other FHIR conformance capabilities
Target Audience:
  • Architects
  • Development Leads
  • Anyone who is interested in exploring the various architectural options available to FHIR based interoperability solutions
Learning Outcomes
  • Explain how FHIR may be used in different interoperability paradigms
  • Describe how FHIR can fit in different locations in the architectural stack
  • Identify architectural considerations that apply to FHIR and determine how best to address those in their own FHIR
  • Provide an explanation of the use of FHIR for persistence, decision support and other "non-exchange" purposes
  • Give guidance on if, when and how FHIR might be used within their own organization
  • Explain how FHIR solutions can co-exist with and interoperate with other interoperability solutions (V2, CDA, V3, DICOM and OpenEHR)
  • Introduction to FHIR or basic familiarity with the FHIR standard and concepts
  • Some knowledge of healthcare IT architecture could also be useful

  • HL7 Fellow
  • Co-Editor, HL7 FHIR
  • Co-Chair, HL7 FHIR Infrastructure Work Group
  • Co-Chair, HL7 Modeling and Methodology Work Group
  • Member, HL7 FHIR Management Group
  • Modeling and Methodology Facilitator-at-Large
  • Senior Consultant, Information Technology Services, Gevity Consulting Inc.
Individual Price
  • Members: US $500
  • Non-Members: US $750