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Clinical Quality Language (CQL) 2022.03.08

Clinical Quality Language (CQL) is an HL7 authoring language standard that's intended to be human readable. It is part of the effort to harmonize standards used for electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) and clinical decision support (CDS). Participants will learn about the general architecture of CQL and how it can be used with other data models such as HL7® FHIR® and Quality Data Model (QDM). The class includes exercises and applied tutorials so attendees will gain hands-on experience both with building CQL logic and using the authoring tools available.

Target Audience
Clinical Informaticists
Clinical domain experts
Quality measurement and decision support content authors

Learning Outcomes
Upon Completion of this online class, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the general importance and architecture of CQL 
  • Learn basic CQL operators 
  • Demonstrate how CQL allows calculation of measures and scoring 
  • Understand how CQL can be used with multiple data models including FHIR and Quality Data Model (QDM) 
  • Practice building some CQL clauses and libraries 
  • Identify the current tools and programs using CQL and consider what additional applications it could be used to accomplish 

Software Developer, 25+ years
Consulting, 14+ years
Particular interest in data management systems and languages
Around 2010, worked with a team building real-time decision support services for a major EHR vendor
Began working with Health IT standards in 2012
Co-author/co-editor of various specifications including Clinical Quality Language, FHIRPath, and FHIR Clinical Reasoning
Chief Technology Officer, Alphora (aka DCG)

  • Member: $300 USD
  • Non-Member: $450 USD