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AeHIN FHIR Training 2022.08.05

The training intent is to teach participants how FHIR concepts and prepare them for the HL7 FHIR Proficiency Exam

The course will focus on the following content
Format and coverage of the test
FHIR Principles
FHIR Resource Concepts
Overview of FHIR Rest API & Query
Profiling & Conformance
Practice answering test questions

Detailed course outline:
1. Understand the format and coverage of the test
2. FHIR Principles
a. Explain the structure of the FHIR specification
b. FHIR Architecture
c. Maturity Model
d. Version Compatibility
3. FHIR Resource Concepts
a. Resource Structure- flags, resource elements, cardinality, data type
b. ValueSet, CodeSystem, Binding Strength
c. Base resources
d. Extensions
e. References
4. Overview of FHIR Rest API & Query
a. High level overview of Rest API & Query
5. Profiling & Conformance
a. Covering the core concepts related to exam
6. Practice answering test questions
a. Offline quiz to practice test.


Aditya Joshi
  • Member, Education Advisory Council, HL7 International
  • Chair, Education Committee, HL7 India
  • HL7 FHIR R4 Proficiency Certified
  • Certified HL7 V2.5/V2.6 Control Specialist
  • Senior tutor for HL7 Fundamentals, FHIR Fundamentals and FHIR Intermediate courses
  • Onsite trainer for healthcare companies in India
  • Lead various sessions and training programs for HL7 India on FHIR
  • Implementation experience on FHIR, HL7 V2, V3, CDA (CCDA, CCD), SPL standards