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11.14.2017: Introduction to Version 3 - Part 1

Instructor: Jean Duteau
Member, HL7 Technical Services Committee;
Co-Chair, HL7 Modeling and Methodology Work Group;
Co-Chair, HL7 Pharmacy Work Group; HL7 Modeling and Methodology Facilitator, Patient Care;
HL7 Publishing Facilitator, Public Health Work Group;
Director, Duteau Design, Inc. 
This webinar is Part I of a two parts course on Version 3. It contains the following topics:

Part 1 Introduction to Version 3, Part 1: Fundamentals
Part 2 Introduction to Version 3, Part 1: Fundamentals (continued)

Introduction to Version 3, Part 1: Fundamentals:
Part 1 is a rigorous introduction to HL7's Version 3. Included in this webinar is:

• The rationale for Version 3
• Explanation of Version 3's two key concepts: messaging and documents (CDA)
• Essential concepts and terminology necessary to evaluate and use the static models of Version 3.

Intended Audience:
• Anyone interested in Version 3 implementation or standards development
• Anyone interested in more advanced Version 3 classes on messaging and documents (eg, CDA)

Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

• Discuss the purpose, function and format of Version 3
• Describe the architecture and identify core characteristics of the V3 Reference Information Model (RIM)
• Review and interpret Version 3 constrained models (RMIMS)
• Locate and access Version 3 publications.