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Introduction to Version 2 Part 1, June 20, 2018

Introduction to Version 2

Faculty: Ted Klein

  • Over 27 years’ experience implementing and managing HIT and interface projects
  • Has extensive experience in Public Health Consulting
  • Is an expert in HL7 Terminology & Standards
  • Active in HL7 / actively deploying HL7 since 1991
  • Past member of Board of Directors of HL7
  • Past co-chair, HL7 Modeling and Methodology WG
  • Current co-chair, Vocabulary WG
  • HL7 Liaison to LOINC
  • HL7 representative to ISO TC215
  • HL7 Fellow
  • General Manager, Klein Consulting Informatics LLC.
This webinar contains the following topics: 

Introduction to Version 2, Part 1A: Control
Introduction to Version 2, Part 1B: Patient Administration

Description - Part 1

Introduction to Version 2, Part 1:
Part 1 introduces students to HL7 and the basic concepts of Version 2. It discusses the structure of the standard and covers two of the standard's fundamental chapters: Control and Patient Administration.

Intended Audience:
• Those new to HL7


Upon completion of this webinar, attendees will be able to:
• Discuss the structure of the standard
• Describe common HL7 data types and how they are used
• Discuss the HL7 v2 Vocabulary Model and code tables
• Describe acknowledgement protocol options and configurations
• Create sample Patient Administration messages