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HAPI on FHIR 10.16.2018

Presenter: James Agnew

●Software Developer by day
●Project lead for HAPI for 14 years
●CTO: Smile CDR
●Standards Advisor:
Centre for Global eHealth Innovation
 This tutorial will cover HAPI FHIR (, the reference implementation of HL7 FHIR for Java developers. Topics covered will include working with the FHIR data model, client and server development, validation and other related topics.
This tutorial includes instruction, as well as a hands-on component, where participants will create a working application on their own laptop.

This Tutorial Will Benefit:
  • Java developers looking to get started or improve their skills developing FHIR based solutions
Upon Completion of this Tutorial, Students Will:
  • Know the various components of the HAPI FHIR library and explain their uses within an application
  • Use the HAPI FHIR library to create a working client application, and a working server application on their own laptop
  • A working knowledge of Java is recommended, but advanced knowledge is not required. Participants are recommended to bring a laptop with a Java IDE installed (Eclipse, IntelliJ, or NetBeans recommended)