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Recording - Oral Health and Vascular Parameters: What Can the Dentist Do Today?

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How oral status can affect vascular parameters? What can the dentist do for patients with increased risk of cardiovascular disease?

The goal of this symposium is to present and discuss the epidemiological and clinical evidences of oral health on vascular parameters.

Prof. Francesco D’Aiuto and Prof. Philippe Bouchard will chair this session.
An introduction by Prof.F. D’Aiuto will give an overview of the relationship between oral diseases and vascular health.

Then, Dr. Christelle Darnaud will present the results based on her epidemiological research on oral status and vascular parameters.

The third speaker Dr. Orlandi will present his work on flow-mediated dilation and carotid intima media thickness in patients with periodontitis.

The last speaker, Dr Yvonne Jockel-Schneider will present the effect of periodontal therapy on vascular parameters.

To sum up the session, the chairmen will open the questions & answers period with the audience.