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Recording - Behavioral & Social Oral Health Sciences: Building Consensus, Advancing Research

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Behavioral and social factors profoundly influence dental, oral, and craniofacial health. In 2020, the Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research Scientific Group of the International Association for Dental Research sponsored the Behavioral and Social Oral Health Sciences Summit. The Summit was a two-day meeting of oral health researchers and clinicians with expertise in the behavioral and social sciences; it was the largest gathering of such experts and the first-ever international meeting of its kind. The Summit was intended to be a launch-point for promoting oral health globally by advancing the robust application of behavioral and social sciences. To that end, a primary goal was to build consensus among health scientists and clinicians about essential foci and critical next steps in four areas: (1) behavioral and social theories, models, conceptual frameworks, and mechanisms related to oral health; (2) methodological issues in behavioral and social oral health research and practice; (3) intervention science for the development and testing of behavioral and social approaches to promote oral health; and (4) dissemination and implementation science for oral and craniofacial health. Through an iterative process that included incorporation of global feedback following an open comment period, Summit organizers produced a Consensus Statement documenting agreement among experts about the state of the field and key future directions. In this symposium, Summit organizers and Consensus Statement contributors will present the final Consensus Statement, comment on critical next steps for the field, and discus practical approaches for advancing the science.