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Data-driven Surface Metrology for Advancing Oral and Craniofacial Rehabilitation

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2022 IADR/APR General Session

The 100 th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR was held in conjunction with the 5th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Region. The virtual meeting was attended by individuals from around the world. Those attending the meeting could choose from among 207 Interactive Talk sessions, seven Focused Learning Sessions, three Hands-on Workshops, five satellite symposia, 52 Symposia, one Distinguished Lecture Series and a plenary. 

The recordings in this library from the meeting are a selection of the science that was to be presented as part of the General Session. These recordings give you the opportunity to participate in the meeting and hear from leading researchers. The recordings include the IADR Distinguished Lecture Series speaker and symposia from a collection of scientific groups and networks.

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The application of the science of surface metrology to dentistry has profound impacts on our ability to maximise the diagnostic and treatment benefits from 3D scanning, computer-aided design and advanced dental manufacturing. The level of accuracy of many routinely used oral scanning methodologies has been improved from sub-millimetre to sub-micromillimetre which has great potential for enhanced data analysis using 3D surface metrology.

The symposium will focus on 3D surface metrology for dental and craniofacial applications across a wide range of scales and applications. It will cover nanoscale measurement principles relevant to dental tissue changes occurring during oral disease processes such as Erosive Tooth Wear up to full craniofacial scanning of the facial structures for oral rehabilitation.

The symposium will provide a platform that brings the experts from different disciplines in science to exchange ideas and discuss the problems from different perspectives for effective solutions. A key focus of this symposium will be on "information-rich metrology" which is the enhancement of manufacturing metrology using a priori information, often utilising concepts from artificial intelligence. Dimensional measurement of precision and additive manufactured structures allows for almost infinite design freedom; a revolution in manufacturing but presents challenges for clinicians relying on quality of precision of fit. Drawing on concepts such as machine learning and sensor fusion, this symposium will discuss how surface topography measurement is making a major contribution to the use of surface engineering and control in a wide range of oral and dental science applications including advanced manufacturing and oral rehabilitation.

Learning Objectives
  • Introduction of ‘information-rich’ surface metrology in the field of oral and dental science for enhancing the use of 3D surface data analysis during clinical and research practice in oral and dental sciences.
  • Consideration of Artificial Intelligence for the automation of clinical measurement processes and accuracy assessment during oral and dental surface scanning, including oral and facial prosthesis used in oral rehabilitation.
  • Precision surface metrology and AI knowledge-based system

Presentation Date

June 23, 2022

Samanta Piano - Recent Updates in Data-Driven Metrology to Enhance Quality of Digital Manufacturing
James Kit-Hon Tsoi - Artificial Intelligence for Automation of Clinical Measurement Processes During Oral and Dental Surface Scanning for Oral and Facial Rehabilitation.
Benny Cheung - Magnetic Assisted Mass Polishing and Measurement of Freeform Surfaces With Applications in Dentistry

Sponsoring Groups/Networks
Dental Materials, Prosthodontics Research

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