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Science Advances in Regenerative Endodontics and Pulp Tissue Engineering

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2022 IADR/APR General Session

The 100 th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR was held in conjunction with the 5th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Region. The virtual meeting was attended by individuals from around the world. Those attending the meeting could choose from among 207 Interactive Talk sessions, seven Focused Learning Sessions, three Hands-on Workshops, five satellite symposia, 52 Symposia, one Distinguished Lecture Series and a plenary. 

The recordings in this library from the meeting are a selection of the science that was to be presented as part of the General Session. These recordings give you the opportunity to participate in the meeting and hear from leading researchers. The recordings include the IADR Distinguished Lecture Series speaker and symposia from a collection of scientific groups and networks.

This session can be purchased as part of the full meeting recordings within the product bundles

The developments of novel materials and biotechnologies had created a promising environment for the fast progress of dental pulp regeneration research. The enhanced biological properties of calcium silicate cements, biomatrices and other bioactive compounds allow clinicians to opt for endodontic procedures that can promote pulpal regeneration and hard tissue repair. Likewise, emerging microfluidic lab-on-chip and organ-on-chip systems allow testing biomaterials, therapeutics, and antimicrobial in unique biomimetic platforms. The science advances in biomaterials and biotechnologies will keep promoting faster developments in the field pulp tissue engineering that can also be exploited by other areas in dentistry and medicine.
Learning Objectives
  • To discuss the research landscape and science advances to promote dental pulp tissue engineering.
  • To understand how novel biomaterials and technologies can be used to promote dental pulp tissue regeneration.

Presentation Date

June 22, 2022

Francesco Mannocci - Calcium Silicate Cement and the Outcome of Full Pulpotomy
Alastair Sloan - Harnessing the Regenerative Capacity of Dentine-Pulp Complex: Bioactives and Biomatrices
Gopu Sriram - Exploration of Microfluidic Technologies for Pulp Tissue Regeneration
Nick Silikas - Outlook on Material and Biotechnology Research for Pulp Regeneration

Sponsoring Groups/Networks
Dental Materials, Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research

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