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Stem Cell-regulated Bone Regeneration: Bench to Bedside

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2022 IADR/APR General Session

The 100 th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR was held in conjunction with the 5th Meeting of the Asia Pacific Region. The virtual meeting was attended by individuals from around the world. Those attending the meeting could choose from among 207 Interactive Talk sessions, seven Focused Learning Sessions, three Hands-on Workshops, five satellite symposia, 52 Symposia, one Distinguished Lecture Series and a plenary. 

The recordings in this library from the meeting are a selection of the science that was to be presented as part of the General Session. These recordings give you the opportunity to participate in the meeting and hear from leading researchers. The recordings include the IADR Distinguished Lecture Series speaker and symposia from a collection of scientific groups and networks.

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As more and more patients choose dental implants as the first choice for the reconstruction of missing teeth, dentists are paying more attention to the long-term effects in both esthetic and functional aspects. Sufficient alveolar bone attached to implants can provide a reassuring basis to help achieve promising goals. However, because of various reasons, a growing number of patients have to face significant incremental need for bone augmentation. The concepts of three elements in tissue engineering has not only stimulated the application of bone replacement grafting material as biological scaffolds, but also inspired the researches of stem cells as bone building blocks. Due to accessible extensive sources and the biological characteristics of self-renewal and multidirectional differentiation, stem cell therapy has become an emerging biological treatment method for bone defects. On a solid basis of cell experiments and animal experiments in great quantity and quality, stem cell-regulated bone regeneration has achieved horizontal and vertical augmentation in reliable clinical researches, and has been proven to solve the lack of alveolar bone mass in dental implants. There is no doubt that regenerative medicine based on autologous stem cells is consistent with modern concepts of minimal invasion and high efficiency and can serve as a promising approach. This symposium will explore the research progresses on stem cell-based bone regeneration from laboratory researches to clinical trials. The advantageous effects of mesenchymal stem cells (the most widely-used one in cells therapy) in new bone formation will also be discussed based on literatures.
   Learning Objectives
  • To present biological foundation of bone regeneration.
  • To present the most cutting-edge researches including laboratory and clinical trials to help audiences learn more about latest development of bone regeneration.
  • To present how stem significantly impact the process of bone regeneration and the potential application of stem in bone tissue engineering as well as guided bone regeneration (GBR) technology.

Presentation Date

June 23, 2022

Alireza Moshaverinia - Dental-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Mediated Craniofacial Tissue Engineering: the Role of 3D Hydrogel Scaffolds and Host Immune System
Xiaoxiao Cai - Stem Cell Facilitated Angiogenesis in Bone Regeneration
Bo Yu - PGC-1alpha in Skeletal Aging and Periodontitis

Sponsoring Groups/Networks
Implantology Research, Mineralized Tissue, Stem Cell Biology Research

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