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Business Success - Do as I Say Not as I Did

Ed Katz confesses to be a graduate of that terrible School of Hard Knocks. He considers himself “streetwise” because according to him, he’s made every mistake one could possibly make in running a business. His claim to fame, though, is that he’s made each mistake only once.

Ed Katz, MPA, has been a writer, speaker, inventor, and business coach for more than 40 years. More important—he’s been an entrepreneur and successful business owner for most of that time. He’s coauthored several books and articles, and his inventions have been featured in The Wall Street Journal. His book, Commercial Relocation, won the “Award of Excellence—Distinguished Author for 1999” by the International Facility Managers Association (IFMA).  

This free download of his book is made possible as a gift from Ed Katz.