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Transferable Skills Assessment under Social Security and Other Disability Programs

[No CEs] This webinar will focus on Transferable Skills Assessment (TSA) as understood under Social Security and other disability programs. Specifically, reference will be made to DI 25015.07 “Transferability of Skills Assessment” from SSA’s POMS. Understanding how skills are assessed by the DOL field analysts will be taught. The presentation will include discussion on SVP levels as defined by DOL vs SSA,Skills versus Traits as well as levels of transferability.

The presenters will demonstrate how SkillTran’s OccuBrowse+ (OB+) can be used both before and during a Social Security hearing to assess skills transferability. Participants have the opportunity to download a free demonstration version of OB+ prior to the webinar. The download is available directly from SkillTran at through SkillTran's technical support (contact SkillTran). The presenters are not affiliated with the SkillTran company and are not promoting SkillTran products.

OccuBrowse+allows the user to produce customized reports which can be used to explore the numbers of jobs in SOC/OES groupings. Participants will be shown how to generate these reports. However, the seminar will not address methodologies that Vocational Experts may use to estimate numbers of jobs.

The program will include a discussion of the Medical – Vocational Guidelines (GRIDS) and their implication on assessing skills under Social Security. Assessing transferable skills under various mental and physical limitations will also be covered.

Educational Objectives:

1) Participants will be able to explain how Social Security developed and uses Transferability of Skills.
2) Participants will be able to demonstrate OccuBrowse+ and Occupational Groups to assess transferable skills both before and during a Social Security Disability hearing.
3) Participants will be able to identify the GRIDS and how they apply to the matter of transferability of skills.