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Essential Elements of Engagement Agreements

[No CEs] Being able to present a written engagement agreement with clear terms and conditions and strong enforcement provisions will solidify in your client’s mind that you are a true business savvy professional, while at the same time giving you peace of mind knowing that you have a mechanism to collect your fees for the hard work and dedication that you provide to each and every case, and ensure that you remain in compliance with all of the ethical canons to which you must comply to maintain the professional credentials for which you have worked so diligently to earn. This break-out session will give you the tools that you need to tune-up your existing engagement agreement or draft a whole new one if need be.


  1.  Describe the fundamental components of an engagement agreement
  2.  Explain the pros and cons of S-Corp, LLC and sole proprietor
  3.  Identify the seven steps for collection of delinquent and unpaid fees for services rendered
Scott Weiss, JD

Here's what attendees said ...
"Very well presented and extremely helpful. Before and after documents were instructive."
"Great advice for engagement agreements that can be incorporated into my practice."
"Speaker was knowledgeable and practical. Able to use specific information in my practice."