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Unimagined Shores: Jobless Futures and Digital Globalization

[No CEs] We are living through a time of labor market transformation as profound and total as the Industrial Revolution of the 18th Century. The pace of change is breathless as a wave of innovations shapes a new landscape of transformed work and productive relationships.  From globalized markets to instantaneous communications, from pervasive digitalized information to 3D printing, we are witnessing the birth of a radical and unprecedented job environment.

This presentation will examine cutting-edge trends, emerging forms of work and the creation of virtual jobscapes that are shaping the future right now. This has deep implications for how we structure vocational counseling and prepare clients for new and unanticipated job environments. Environments where jobs themselves are being replaced by flexible and adaptable work sets and digitalized portfolios of learning and competence.


  1. Explain the implications of restructuring of vocational counseling
  2. Prepare clients for new and anticipated job environments
  3. Interpret new environments
Alan Bruce, PhD
Jun Yaeda, PhD
Michelle Marme, PhD
Lynne Tracy, MA, LMFT, CRC, CDMS, ABVE/D

Here's what attendees said...
"Thought provoking presentation. I enjoyed learning about what they are doing in Japan, Finland and Ireland. Impressive speakers."
"Great presentation. The multinational and diverse panel gave credence to the the information."