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Using Published Research in Forensic Opinions

[No CEs] Many forensic professionals may have occasion to incorporate research into their opinions, but either lack experience or confidence to do so. The use of research can help to bolster vocational opinions, avoid Daubert challenges and motions in limine, and also provide greater persuasive value. Attendees should want to attend a presentation such as this to gain such skills or confidence, at least at a basic level, and more advanced professionals may wish to attend in order to refresh skills or consider or question their
current thinking or methodologies.


  1. Identify research relevant to their vocational forensic opinion
  2. Describe the elements of the reasearch process
  3. Evaluate the research in regard to its quality and relevance to the topic in question
  4. Discuss research in a report, deposition, or direct/cross examination

Patrick Dunn, JD, PhD