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The New Occupational Information System: An SSA and BLS Partnership

[No CEs] The presentation will review the work done by SSA alone and in partnership with BLS to develop an up-to-date occupational information system to meet SSA’s disability program needs for occupational information. The speakers will present initial results of BLS#39; pre-production test survey and research projects (completed in summer 2015), discuss a proposed timeline for implementation of the BLS survey and SSA#39 OIS. The presentation will offer a forum to gather stakeholder input on the project and identify how attendees can keep up-to-date on its progress.


  1. Explain how the SSA BLS partnership will address the challenges facing development of an Occupational Information System
  2. State how BLS and SSA are evaluating the collection methodology and survey estimates using stakeholder input to ensure a successful program
  3. Predict the proposed timetable for the SSA BLS project
  4. Describe how SSA and BLS are using stakeholder input to ensure a successful program

Philip Doyle, BA
Deborah Harkin, BA