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Mentoring and Coaching: Essential to IARP's Mission

[No CEs] The mentoring and coaching programs are designed to connect members and help boost their careers. Experienced professionals in all disciplines of rehabilitation, leaders in their areas of expertise, connect with those new to the field or to a specialty area. These mentors/coaches exhibit their true leadership by sharing their knowledge, resources and helping others grow in their chosen career. This interactive session will familiarize participants with mentoring and coaching strategies and provide tips on coaching and mentoring individuals. A mentor and a protégé who have participated in the program will share ways to effectively mentor rehabilitation counselors, life care planners and case managers entering the field and advancing into specialty areas. A survey of the program will be shared with value feedback for the program and future mentors and coaches. The IARP code of ethics, CRC Code of Ethics, the Mentoring and Coaching program guidelines to assist with discussion of parameters for the program and confirm mentoring effectively and promoting ethical standards. Come share your knowledge and be a mentor!


  1. Explain the history of mentoring and coaching programs
  2. Discuss current goals and expansion to all sections
  3. Identify strategies to be an effective mentor

Barbara Azzam, MEd, CRC, CVE
Anthony Morin, MA
Katherine Dunlap, MS, LCP, CRC, CLCP
Michelle Weiss, MA, CRC, CCM, ABVE/D