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Is Divorce Counseling/Testimony for You?

[No CEs] This presentation will assist the professional to determine if they have the knowledge and skill set to engage in vocational evaluations of individuals in marriage dissolution cases. To the experienced vocational professional involved in litigation, ethical considerations will be discussed in disclosure statements, client/attorney relationships and payment/fee issues. Barbara will present vocational analysis techniques and report fundamentals. She will offer case examples that will include ethical dilemmas that arise in this field of work that include disclosure statements, engagement agreements, who is the client, billing issues and scope of practice issues.


  1. Explore your vocational expertise in marriage dissolution cases and family law
  2. Analyze potential ethical issues with clients and attorneys
  3. Apply skills that provide value to your practice in this niche market

Barbara Berbdt, MEd, CRC, CDMS, CCM, ABVE/D