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Turning Transferable Skills into Real Job Prospects: Tips and Techniques

[No CEs] Beyond counseling job seekers, identifying suitable jobs in today’s competitive job market can be very challenging. After this session participants will be able to utilize specific tools and solutions to effectively assess an injured person’s transferable skills. In addition, they will learn how to identify labor market patterns to ensure a successful job match that will ultimately lead them to a second career and economic freedom.

Throughout the presentation we will present two case studies to further illustrate a situation where challenges range from limited work skills, language barriers and lack of education to someone who is college educated, possesses various skills and abilities and no language barriers but may have more severe physical restrictions. We will introduce several resources and technologies that can improve the accuracy and efficiency of the assessment and how to navigate the current online tools for conducting a job search.


  1. Develop a step-by-step transferable skills analysis
  2. Define transition work skills
  3. Identify job opportunities and employer categories
  4. Utilize current technology to optimize the accuracy of the assessment

Christel Caputo, MBA, DCMS, CBI Employment

Here's what attendees said...
"Dynamic, engaging and extremely competent presenter. Great presentation."
"She showed us how to be creative in doing TSAs. I learned a number of websites and  how to use You Tube videos."
"Lots of enthusiasm. Great information and new ideas for my practice."