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Neuropsychological Indicators to Return to Work Following Traumatic Brain Injury

[No CEs] This presentation will familiarize the participant with the neuropsychological aspects of recovery following traumatic brain injury. An overview of the injury characteristics that categorize severity of injury and impact outcome will be covered. Coverage of the neuropsychological evaluation and a review of empirical studies which indicate the correlation to successful outcome following traumatic brain injury will be provided. Strategies to improve effectiveness of rehabilitation services will be offered.


  1. Interpret medical aspects and neurological indicators affecting employability following traumatic brain injury
  2. Demonstrate effectiveness in vocational rehabilitation and case management with those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries
  3. Explain neuropsychological aspects of traumatic brain injury recovery

Robert Fabiano, PhD

Here's what attendees said...
"Dr. Fabiano is an effective speaker. Valuable information from his presentation, especially about the lose of consciousness and mild versus severe head injuries."
"One of the best neuropsychological aspects of brain injury presentations."
"Thank you for the testing section."