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Overview of Traumatic Brain Injury

Join Dr. Heather Walker as she provides an overview of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dr. Walker will review the classifications of TBI, predictors of outcome/recovery and medical complications. She will also review vocation considerations those who have sustained traumatic brain injuries. Finally, participants will review case studies and examples related to TBI.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
  1. Classify mild, mild complicated, moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries based upon initial presentation.
  2. Understand prognosis for recovery based upon severity of traumatic brain injury and clinical findings.
  3. Discuss the likelihood of return to work in an individual who has sustained a traumatic brain injury.
  4. Understand the most common medical complications associated with traumatic brain injury and their impact on future care needs.

Credits: 1.0 CEs of the following credits have been applied: ABVE, CCMC, CDMS, CLCP-MSCC, CRCC, CVE-CWA-CCAA (Pending Approval)