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Effective Job Placement

[No CE's] What is Job Placement? Job Placement is a collaborative process between the counselor, the individual, and sometimes the employer. This is a tripartite approach that is successful when it is utilized correctly. Understanding the individual with a disability(s) starts from the initial intake. The earlier you provide the intervention of services, the earlier the individuals return to work. The creation of a successful Triade assists with the development of the job placement relationship. This relationship encompasses the environment and situations that surround the individual. An important part of the job placement process is to recognize the individual’s skills and abilities. This webinar will explain the job placement process and apply strategies towards the implementation of a comprehensive job placement approach.

Education Objectives

  1. Gain an understanding of the client-centered approach to effective job placement
  2. Increase understanding of the importance of "job fit” from the candidate and employer perspectives
  3. Increase understanding of employers needs and the Labor market